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An incredibly affordable way to develop your board and ensure good governance, the Better Board Toolkit™ from Advanced Nonprofit Solutions includes bylaws, board policy manual, board member handbook and so much more!

For a one time investment of $999 you get….



Bylaws are a set of legal and foundational policies which govern your organization’s board and outline core operating procedures. Bylaws determine how board members are elected, the powers of board officers, the role of your Executive Director and other core policies. The Better Board Toolkit includes writing your bylaws or reviewing and revising your existing bylaws.


Nonprofit boards exercise their authority primarily by adopting policies that everyone in the organization must follow. These policies cover topics ranging from: financial management, hiring and payroll, nondiscrimination, sexual harassment, social media use, etc. The Better Board Toolkit includes a complete codified board policy manual consisting of your existing board policies plus new polices we recommend to you.


Unfortunately, many nonprofit organizations have no formal process for assimilating new board members to the organization. The Better Board Toolkit solves this problem ! Included is our board member handbook customized and tailored to your organization. The handbook features chapters on your organization and its history, mission and programs, the responsibilities of a board member, financial management and more!


What’s your board most dreaded responsibility? Fundraising! We hear this all the time. The Better Board Toolkit includes an individual board member fundraising plan template to equip every board member with the tools needed to raise money with confident. Our board member fundraising template is incredibly user friendly and, once completed, will guide each individual board member as they identify prospective donors within their circle, conduct “the ask” and make new friends for your nonprofit.


Who do you need on your board? Someone with fundraising experience? An accountant or lawyer? Or just any willing soul? Our toolkit helps you answer this question! The Better Board Toolkit will ensure a consistent flow of talented, diverse and passionate board members. We’ll start with analyzing the skill, talent and demographics of your current board; identifying any many missing demographics or skill sets; anticipating future needs and providing a comprehensive recruitment and diversity plan.


It’s said that those who fail to plan- plan to fail. So why do most nonprofit boards trek on month after month with no year round work plan? The Better Board Toolkit includes a custom board work plan that outlines the responsibilities of your specific board and schedules its work across 12 months. Included in your board’s annual to-do list should be a self evaluation. The Better Board Toolkit includes a board self evaluation tool that each board member will use to rate and critique the work and progress of the board as a whole.

What is the Better Board Toolkit™?

The “toolkit” is a package of services designed to develop, strengthen and professionalize your board. We know your board members are awesome but every board should strive to do better and grow stronger. With the 6 tools included in the toolkit your board will be more organized, professional, efficient, intentional and strategic in their decisions and more confident when raising money.

How does the toolkit work?

Once you click “Get Your Toolkit” and complete the form, we’ll reach out via email and provide a link to an engagement letter (agreement) for you to review and sign. Upon signing and paying the fee, we’ll send you a survey to access your current board, request documents and information and schedule your first of several phone consultations. The delivery of services within the toolkit is virtual and your ED or board chair will facilitate discussion around the 6 tools we provide.

What’s included in the price?

The price is one flat all-inclusive fee of $999 for the entire toolkit (consisting of 6 tools outline above). The price is non negotiable and remains the same even if you don’t want all six tools.

The Better Board Toolkit is worth over $3000 but yours for only $999!!! The only catch is you have to act fast! Our toolkit is a package of services designed to develop your board and professionalize its operations in just 3 months. We work with our clients over these 3 months to ensure their success. Once our calendar is full your board is out of luck! Sign up today!

What are the benefits?

Board members will feel more confident when fundraising

Board fundraising will increase

Board member participation will increase

Board meetings will be more organized, efficient and productive

Your board will make intentional and strategic decisions

Board member diversity will increase

Educated and active board members

Clear and concise policy board statements

Strong governance