Advanced Nonprofit Solutions LLC is accepting new clients for 2019

What does this mean?

Advanced Nonprofit Solutions LLC is a boutique consulting firm based in NJ serving nonprofit organizations from all sectors and niches. We maintain an intimate relationship with our clients and typically work projects for a client over a full year or two and then continue to take on new work at the client's request. To aid both our firm and the client in planning, we map out a year or two worth of work and commit to the client for the span of the project(s). Once our calendar is full we are at capacity for the number of active clients we can serve. WE CURRENTLY HAVE OPENINGS IN OUR 2019 CALENDAR. We are accepting new clients for all service offerings.

Which services can a new client sign up for?


Do you provide any awesome packages or discounts?

Yes. We will package together any of our services and negotiate a package rate. The only discount rate available now is our New Client Promotion (see below).

New Client Promotion

New clients are invited to apply for our 2019 promotion which includes: preparing your 3 year strategic plan, 3 year development plan, board policy manual and year round grant research. The cost for this package of services is $15,000 but we are offering the entire package to NEW clients for just $5,000. Half must be paid upfront with the signed engagement letter and the balance in installments over a 12 consecutive month period.

These 4 services are included in this package:


To operate efficiently, you need one consistent vision and plan to guide you on a day to day basis. Your strategic plan is your organization's road map to mission success. Board members, staff, grantors and members of the public expect you to have an official long-term plan with actionable goals and objectives. This is an industry standard for all nonprofits. We will facilitate your strategic planning sessions; conduct a SWOT analysis; survey your constituents, competitors and supporters; produce a draft and work with you to help you implement the plan and keep up with goals.


A development plan is the blueprint to a successful fundraising operation. It analyses your fundraising needs and capacity and outlines fundraising goals and strategies with a detailed action plan for each goal. We will write a development plan that shows you how to identify, cultivate and solicit donors on an ongoing basis and develop a consistent and reliable flow of revenue. If you want to develop a consistent and professional fundraising machine- it starts with a development plan. No more spending months to host events that barely break even. No more wasted time on grants you’ll never win.


The authority of your Board of Directors lies in its policy making ability. The Board is responsible to pass and enforce policies ranging from staff salaries to hours of operations to what’s allowed on your social media platforms. We will compose carefully crafted and well researched board policies statements customized to your organization’s needs, codify these policies and publish a printed policy manual (digital version included).


Grant research is 90% of the grant writing process. Don’t waste your time applying for grants if you aren’t 100% certain you have a CHANCE of winning. We research private, public, corporate and foundation funding opportunities and match them to your specific organization and your specific situation. We’ll provide you with spreadsheets of funding opportunities as they arise, so you can apply for grants with confidence!

How to Become a Client

Complete the new client application below and we will contact you within 24 hours.