Board Policies

The power of any board lies primarily through the adoption of written policies that everyone must follow. Written policies provide everyone in an organization one clear direction and path to follow. Board policies govern areas such as: nondiscrimination, whistle blower protection, HR and employee compensation, accounting, sexual harassment, social media usage, facilities management and more. The Board Policy Manual is one of the top 3 most important documents for your organization (bylaws and the articles of the incorporation are the others). Advanced Nonprofit Solutions LLC is the #1 source for custom written policy statements, board policy manuals and technical assistance on policy development. 

Management Policies & Procedures

While the Board adopts policy statements to create a framework for how the organization is to be governed, its the responsibility of management (Executive Director or CEO) to interrupt those policies and enforce them. In larger organizations, interrupted policy is written into a policy & procedures manual, staff manual or department manual which provides specific instructions on how to carryout board mandated policy. Our team will work with you to interrupt board policies and write procedures, operating manuals, employee handbooks and guidelines for departments.